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Withdraw funds

When you want to move your funds back into your wallet you’ll need to call the ‘withdraw’ function.
Something to bear in mind is that you can only withdraw funds that exceed the collateralization requirements of any outstanding loans you have.
If for example you’ve borrowed 50% of your deposit of a loan that has a 50% loan-to-value ratio then you won’t be able to withdraw any funds unless you either repay your debt or liquidate it with your deposit.
In the previous guide, we liquidated our loan which releases the funds to be withdrawn.
Click the + button next to the vault you want to withdraw from and click the 'Withdraw' tab. You’ll notice you’ve got the choice to receive the standard or yield bearing asset, in this case WETH or yvWETH.
Since we want ETH in our wallet following the withdrawal, we’ll toggle the WETH/ETH switch. The system will conveniently withdraw WETH and convert it to ETH for us.
In this case we’ll choose ‘max’ since we want to completely exit the vault.
Like the liquidate and deposit functions, withdraw adds slippage protection control to allow users to limit the slippage as the system converts assets to unwind your position.
Click ‘Withdraw’ and confirm the transactions in your wallet.
When you’ve successfully withdrawn you’ll see your updated balance reflected in your wallet.
If you have any support queries, please contact our team in the official Discord channel