Bridging assets to other chains

Introduction to bridging

Users can send assets to wallets on other networks directly from a centralised exchange like Binance, or users can use a cross-chain bridge to perform the bridging transaction manually on-chain.

To send tokens from a centralised exchange, withdraw your supported token, ensuring that you specify the correct wallet address and blockchain.

To perform the bridge manually visit your favorite cross-chain bridge. You could use, or any other bridge you trust.

Bridging with Alchemix

You can also specifically bridge alAssets and gALCX easily on First, navigate to the bridge page. In the ‘From’ field, input the amount and select the token from the dropdown list. In the ‘To’ field, select your target network from the dropdown. The numeric field will display how many tokens you’ll receive when the funds arrive on your target network.

Next you’ll need to approve the asset of your choice, then press the swap button to send the funds to the bridge.

The bridge transaction should take between 10-30 mins to complete. After that the funds will appear in your target wallet.

Lastly, you will need to swap your bridge tokens for the canonical token using step #4. Until you complete this task you will not be able to use your swapped tokens.

Now that you have your assets on the target network you can deposit, earn and take self-repaying loans on the new chain.

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