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Migrate between vaults

Now that Alchemix supports multiple strategies per collateral type, you can use the Migrate tool to easily move funds between them in the most efficient way. Different strategies offer different APYs which regularly change.
To migrate your funds to a different strategy using the Migration tool, open the position you want to migrate using the '+' button.
Vault overview
From here, select the 'Migrate' tab.
Migrate tab
Click the 'Target Vault' dropdown and select the vault you want to migrate your funds into.
Target vault selector
Next, input the amount of funds you'd like to migrate. Click 'All' if you want to migrate everything. Finally, click 'Migrate' and follow the prompts in your wallet. Your funds will now automatically move to your chosen target strategy.
Note: You can also choose to manually unwind and restart your position in another strategy should you choose to.
If you have any support queries, please contact our team in the official Discord channel