ALCX Emissions Schedule

The ALCX governance token's distribution is carefully crafted to gradually reduce issuance over the course of three years, continuing with a long tail of fixed weekly emissions.

There will be an initial pre-mine of 478,612 ALCX tokens. This calculation is derived from an estimated token supply of 2,393,060 ALCX tokens in circulation after 3 years, with 15% of the supply going to the DAO treasury, and 5% to the bug bounty program. 358,959 ALCX will be allocated to the treasury for use as determined by the community. 119,653 ALCX will be held by the treasury and is reserved for bug bounties.

Approximately 22,344 ALCX tokens will be distributed from Staking Pools in week one of staking, and the amount will decrease by approximately 130 ALCX per week for three years. Because ALCX rewards are calculated per block, network conditions could slightly affect the emission schedule, but the effect should be negligible. After three years, there will be a flat 2200 ALCX weekly emission, increasing the total supply by 114,400 ALCX annually. At the three year point, there will be approximately 4.5% annual inflation of supply, and it will gradually decrease over time.

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